Acknowledgements for Studies on Humanistic Buddhism Volume 1: Foundational Thoughts 人間佛教論文選要


This journal is the result of a unique project involving more than 30 volunteers in 7 countries. The Global Humanistic Buddhism Journal Translation Project’s worldwide team​ ​worked collaboratively using an internet-based translation portal developed specifically for the project. The portal’s online glossary provided consistent terminology. We are grateful to everyone who participated in this project. Their collaborative efforts allowed for all of the articles to be translated, published, edited, and proofread within 7 months.

The publishers would like to thank the following for their contributions to the project:

Venerable Master Hsing Yun for his wisdom and guidance. Without his lifelong efforts, none of the people involved in this project would have come together.

Lewis Lancaster, Douglas Osto, Royce Wiles, and Ji Yun for serving on the editorial and advisory board.

Venerable Miao Guang for conceiving of the project and providing editorial advice.

Venerable You Zai for managing the glossary and providing editorial support.

Alex Amies for website design and creation of the online translation portal.

Alex Amies and Judy Wu for providing tutorials for the online translation portal.

William Chong and Michael Murphy for bilingual editing.

Jamila Choubassi, Linda Daniell, and Chris Villy for English editing.

SQ Chan, Lillian Chang, William Chong, Siew Hsiang Chow, Jesse Chung, Bradley Denney, Ming Foo, Anna Ko, Stephanie Lam, Raymond Lee, Ying Ying Lee, Viviana Liou, Yuh Lit, Teck Suan Low, Richard Lupat, Michael Murphy, Chan Qiu, Hansen Sun, Yvonne Tan, Chunguang Tang, Stacey Weng, Daniel Wu, Katie Yang, Shaowei Zhang, and Rui Zhao for translating.

Jamila Choubassi, Don Marks, Yvonne Tan, and Man Wong for proofreading.

The Hsing Yun Education Foundation for its generous support.

Venerable Juewei for providing the inspiration, vision, and energy to move this project from concept to manifestation.

Acknowledgements (PDF)

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