Studies on Humanistic Buddhism Volume 3: Glocalization of Buddhism

Editor’s Preface:The Glocalization of Buddhism

The Key to Promoting Localization is not to “Discard” but to “Give”:My View on “De-Sinicization” by Venerable Master Hsing Yun

推動本土化,不是“去“而是”給“ :”去中國化“之我見 星雲

The Localization of Buddhist Teachings within Globalization by Chen Chien Huang

佛教在全球化布教的“本土化”問題 陳劍鍠

Transnational Networks of Dharma and Development: Engaged Buddhism in the Era of Globalization by Renjana Mukhopadhyaya

On Modernity and Tradition in Humanistic Buddhism: From Master Taixu to Venerable Master Hsing Yun by Tang Zhongmao

論人間佛教的“現代性”與“傳統性” :從太虛大師到星雲大師 唐忠毛

The Modernization and Globalization of Humanistic Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism by Wu Guangzheng

人間佛教與漢傳佛教的現代化,國際化 吳光正

Issues of Acculturation and Globalization Faced by the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order by Shih Miao Guang

Fo Guang Shan’s Localization of Buddhism within the Internationalization of Buddhism by Wang Bin

佛教國際化進程中的佛光山“佛教本土化”實踐 王彬

The Brilliant Achievements of Humanistic Buddhism in Australia by Li Li’an

澳洲人間佛教的輝煌成就 李利安

A Study of Humanistic Buddhism Returning to India: Observations and Reflections on the Fo Guang Shan New Delhi Educational and Cultural Centre by Qiu Yonghui

人間佛教回傳印度研究:“佛光山德里文教中心”觀察思考 邱永輝

The Localization and Spread of Japanese Buddhism by Fumihiko Sueki

日本佛教的本土化與教化 末木文美士

The Localization of Music during the Late Stages of Buddhism’s Spread around the World: A Comparison of Japanese and Dai Buddhist Music by Yang Minkang

論佛教傳播史晚期的音樂本土化:傣族和日本佛教音樂的比較 楊民康

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